Vote to Save Education Jobs Possible! Tell Congress to put Americans Back to Work and Keep Students Learning

14 Oct

This week, the Senate failed to reach the 60 votes needed to move the President’s American Jobs Act forward.  See how your Senator voted.  But there’s still hope!  A vote specifically to save education jobs and modernize thousands of schools is possible during the week of October 17th.  President Obama has said we shouldn’t take NO for an answer, so let’s make sure Senators know how much students and educators need—and expect—their help.

The need for this funding is evident in communities across the nation:

CaliforniaOur campus was built in 1960, and has had little renovation or improvements since the first graduating class, aside from several portables that have been added in the parking lot. The portables do have air conditioning, and that’s a big improvement, because my classroom often heats up well above 90 degrees on warm fall and spring afternoons. I recall several years ago there was a slow leak in the roof of the art department chairperson’s classroom. Lacking the funds to fix the problem, the maintenance workers hung a large coffee can with some wire under it to catch the drips.

MissouriOne of the buildings in our district dates back to the Civil War. Several were built about a hundred years ago and our high schools date from the 1930s and 40s with some newer additions. None of our buildings are very “green.” Some lighting changes have been made and most recycle, but little else. In the older part of one high school, I saw a class that was so crowded with desks that you could not easily walk through it. Only one building and parts of a few others are air conditioned.

Montana – I am a preschool special education teacher and coordinator for my district. We have three buildings in our community, with the newest building, the high school, built in the late 1960s. Our other two buildings are from the late 1940s and early 1950s. The preschool is in a modular unit near the main building, and has no bathroom or sink. We have drinking water delivered, but we have to walk outside to the main building to use the restrooms. The walls have cracks, the doors leak, and the windows need to be replaced for more efficient energy use—we have a steam heating system that is very hard to regulate.

Read more stories and submit your own.

Take Action Today:

  • Tell your Members of Congress to put Americans back to work and ensure our children the education they deserve by supporting school modernization.  

Share your story — Keep the stories coming. We are using your stories to help put pressure on Members of Congress to do the right thing and focus on creating a great public school for every student.


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