teacher/poet/musician glen brown: Plain and Simple

15 Feb

Let’s imagine that we haven’t paid some of our bills for a very long time, perhaps our mortgage or rent, some of our taxes and insurance policies, credit card and utility bills. To “reform” this irresponsible and purposeful inaction, why not do what the State of Illinois has done to us and ask our banks, our county collector, and the various companies to whom we are indebted to contribute some of their money to help us pay down what we owe them?

That’s right! It’s quite simple; besides it’s all about a “shared sacrifice,” isn’t it? We could write our own piece of legislation too and proclaim that the banks and businesses cap the earnings of their employees and shift the burden of our debts to their CEOs to save money. We’ll call our proposal “Shift Our Bills to Zero” or SOB 2 0.

We “have to do something,” and this “something” is a pretty crafty idea like SB 512.   After all, years ago when most of the bankers and businesspersons became “vested” in their pension plans, how where we to know that they would be living longer today, that their salaries would keep increasing, that their health care costs would keep rising (even though this is an unrelated issue), and that certain criminals among them would ignite an economic conflagration resulting in the worst recession in decades as a result of deregulated derivatives and asset-backed securities (mortgages), which were foolishly exempted from SEC governance – thanks to lobbyists. 
Why not shift our debts to those for whom we owe money and unite with the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago and the Civic Federation so we can hire some of their extortionate lobbyists, lawyers and accountants to put pressure on our lenders, challenge the legality of what we “really” owe, and garble the accounting rules to make sure our scheme doesn’t spark too much attention from an otherwise oblivious populace?

It surely would be easier for us to transfer the burden of what we owe back to the moneylenders; to eschew and challenge “any” contractual obligation; to rewrite the laws and policies to our satisfaction and recompense; what’s more, we would be emulating some of our “hand-picked” politicians.

via teacher/poet/musician glen brown: Plain and Simple.


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