Retiree Coalition Meeting with Governor’s Pension Assembly > Robert Zahniser

12 Mar

Our retiree coalition (University retirees, state employee retirees, Chicago Retired Teachers, and IRTA) met with the Governor’s assembly on pensions yesterday. In attendance was Jerry Stermer from the Governor’s office, Rep. Nekritz, Rep. Senger, Senator Brady and legislative staff. Senator Noland was absent due to his committee responsibilities. The coalition provided the assembly with many reasons why retirees’ pensions should not be under attack and in addition how important the health insurance benefit is to all of our members. The assembly members do not have goals at this time. There is not a set amount of savings that they have established. It is difficult to determine if you have crossed the finish line if you do not know where it is. The legislative members appreciated our information and will follow up with us in the future. We will continue to meet with individual legislators over the coming weeks on these pressing matters. IRTA members are the best advocates in the state. We will be calling on you soon to contact your legislators. It will take every member to push back against the efforts to change or eliminate your benefits.


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