Is the Scott Walker investigation about to take down the Chairman of the RNC?

27 Mar

It looks that way. First, an explanation of the investigation for those who aren’t familiar with it.

“The aides charged Thursday were, according to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, engaged in fundraising activities and other political work while working on the staff of Walker when he served as county executive.

Chisholm explains in a fifty-seven-page complaint that Russell and the newly indicted aides established a “secret email system available to and used by select ‘insider’ staffers for both official and unofficial business.” That system was built around a wireless router that was kept in an armoire in the office of Walker’s deputy chief of staff’—just a few feet from Walker’s office. Its existence was “never disclosed to county employees outside a closely held group within the Walker administration.”

The complaint discuses the exchange of thousands—yes, thousands—of e-mails involving fundraising and political activity. Many of these e-mails from the deputy chief of staff who is now charged with four felony counts of misconduct in public office, Kelly Rindfleisch, and top political aides to Walker, including Keith Gilkes, who went on to serve as the governor’s chief of staff.”

And who was in daily contact with Walker’s minions?

“Another individual who appears to have been in e-mail contact with Rindfleisch was Reince Priebus, then the chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, now the chairman of the Republican National Committee.”

Investigators say they have more charges and the investigation is ongoing although about the only one left in the Walker hierarchy is Walker himself, but if Priebus has any involvement it could open a whole new can of worms at the national level.

via Is the Scott Walker investigation about to take down the Chairman of the RNC?.


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