Typical data manipulation…Education is a failure?

29 Mar

I received an email link to the attached graphic. The sender thought I would be interested in this. Typical data manipulation we are seeing in discussions about education these days. Here is my response:

 I found your graphic interesting in that it reflects much of the data being discussed today about education in the US. It also ignores the same issues being ignored in these discussions. We can pick and choose the data that we include in our analysis of the current state of education in this country and create the impression we want to create. How do the numbers of children living in poverty compare in the countries you cite in your graphic? How many of these countries must provide all children with an equal and appropriate education? What are the numbers of special education and ELL students in their systems? What federal and state (or equivalent) mandates are their schools required to implement and what funding do they receive to do this? How much time have you spent in a classroom?


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