AT&T and ALEC | The Nation

8 Apr

The people scored a major victory this week when Coke announced it had “elected to discontinue its membership with” the American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC. Kraft Foods quickly followed suit, and it was revealed that Pepsi had quietly withdrawn earlier.The tide is starting to shift but there are still numerous prominent companies helping to fund and legitimize ALEC’s extreme activist agenda, including Wal-Mart, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and State Farm.The Nation is asking readers to implore one of ALEC’s corporate benefactors with which they may do business, AT&T, to follow Kraft and Coke in severing ties with a group that that has worked to suppress voter turnout, privatize public schools, Medicare and Social Security, promote concealed gun legislation and gut minimum wage laws. Join the campaign here.

via AT&T and ALEC | The Nation.


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