TRS members. Do you agree with Executive Director Ingram? Let TRS Directors know. « Fred Klonsky

8 Apr

Recently Richard Ingram, the Executive Director of the Illinois Teacher Retirement System was quoted as saying that retiree benefits might need to be cut and that the system faced insolvency by 2029.

While not repeating Ingram’s Civic Committee line, the TRS board, including IEA representatives, supported Ingram and claimed that members must face “the new reality” that the state will not meet their obligations to retired and active teachers.

If you do not agree with this assessment, and instead believe that that we must fight for the state to keep their promise to the 300,000 Illinois pensioners who rely on their TRS benefits to live, send the Trustees an email and let them know.

Tell them your story.


TRS is governed by a 13-member Board of Trustees. Trustees include the state superintendent of education, six trustees appointed by the governor, four trustees elected by contributing TRS members, and two trustees elected by TRS annuitants. Two appointed trustee positions are currently open.
Christopher Koch, Ed.D.
President, Bloomington

Molly Phalen
Vice President, Rockford

Michael Busby, Kenilworth

Marcia Campbell, O’Fallon

Jan Cleveland, Carmi

Cinda Klickna, Rochester

Sharon Leggett, Evanston

Bob Lyons, Hoffman Estates

Cynthia O’Neill, Carlyle

Janice Reedus, Indian Head Park

Sonia Walwyn, Naperville

The president of the Board of Trustees, by law, is the Illinois superintendent of education. The Board of Trustees elects its vice president from among its members. The Board of Trustees appoints an executive director who also serves as the secretary of the Board of Trustees. The executive director is responsible for daily operations at TRS.

via TRS members. Do you agree with Executive Director Ingram? Let TRS Directors know. « Fred Klonsky.


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