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13 May


This is a status report on the pension issue that is of such critical importance to IEA members.

It is highly likely that a pension proposal, in the form of legislation, will surface at the Statehouse next week. It’s very possible that, once introduced, a pension bill could move very quickly through the legislature. That is why it is crucial that our members are active participants in this fight and that they contact their legislators immediately.

We are taking a number of steps to ensure we are prepared to act to defend our members’ pensions.

Robo calls to members
A robo call from President Klickna will be placed to all IEA members today. It will provide a “heads up” message, alerting members that pension legislation is imminent and members will be asked to contact their legislators.

A second robo call to all members could be placed throughout the next week. This call would have a more specific message and would urge immediate calls to legislators.

Call to action
A full-blown call to action is expected to be issued on Monday or Tuesday in anticipation of the pension legislation.

Talking points
By Tuesday afternoon, talking points that members can use for their contacts with legislators will be available to all members via the IEA website.

Statewide pension media campaign
The We Are One Illinois labor coalition (IEA, IFT, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, etc…) is launching a statewide media campaign aimed at defending pensions. The campaign, which is expected to include radio, TV and internet advertising, is being funded by the unions involved. IEA’s contribution comes from the IEA media campaign fund.

Stay connected
Please check the IEA website regularly for updates and encourage your colleagues and all members you meet with to do the same.


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