Mr. President, Call Off Your Dogs « Fred Klonsky

26 May

Sitting in the mail box when I got home last night was a big white envelope from Barack Obama.

Not really.

It was from the Democratic National Committee asking me for a donation.

It had a prepaid return envelope.

So I wrote the following, printed it, put it in the envelope and this morning I mailed it back.

Dear President Obama,

On a beautiful night in November of 2008 I stood on the periphery of a huge crowd in Grant Park as the word spread that Pennsylvania had gone into the Democratic Party column and that you would be the next President of the United States.

I worked hard for you that year. Wisconsin. Indiana. My teacher friends and I worked those states because Illinois was going blue and everyone knew it.

I’m not sending a check to the DNC.

This year I’m spending my time trying to save teacher pensions in Illinois.

From who?

From the Democrats.

From you guys.

Democratic Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan announced yesterday that he would be introducing a bill that would force retired teachers, seniors, to choose between a cost of living adjustment to their retirement pension or health care.

No Republicans were involved in the writing of this bill.

Only Democrats.

If it passes the Illinois House and Senate it will be with Democratic Party votes. Not Republican votes.

I just don’t have time for you this year. I’m busy trying to save teacher pensions. From your party.

Did I mention that Michael Madigan is the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Illinois? Your party’s Chairman.

Mr. President. Call off your dogs.


Fred Klonsky

via Saturday coffee. « Fred Klonsky.


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