Electing a school board. « Fred Klonsky

19 Jun

Chicago has a long and proud history of progressive reform.

It also has produced some duds.

Like mayoral control of the public schools.

Mayoral control was an idea that came from the brain of the second Mayor Daley. So right away you can see the problem.

The citizens of Chicago are allowed to elect the board that runs our water filtration plant, but not the board that governs our schools.

Although I have to admit that our water is clean.

To demonstrate how smart this idea of mayoral control is, it led to the hiring of Paul Vallas, Arne Duncan, the clueless Ron Huberman and the guy who was chased out of Rochester, New York when 95% the teachers voted no confidence in him: JC Brizard.

That record of accomplishment may soon change.

We are starting a campaign to put an elected school board on the ballot in Chicago. By “we” I mean a coalition of parent, teacher and community groups.

It is a door to door petition signing effort that kicks off Thursday night at 5:30PM with a rally and petition distribution.

Come join us if you can. 2002 West Superior.

via Electing a school board. « Fred Klonsky.


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