President Obama announces plan for STEM Master Teacher Corps >Education Votes

19 Jul

President Obama announced on Wednesday a plan for creating a new national Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM Master Teacher Corps. Master teachers in all 50 states would make a multi-year commitment to championing the cause of STEM education in their communities and mentoring fellow math and science teachers in their districts. In exchange for these extra duties, Corps members would be eligible for an up-to $20,000 stipend on top of their current salaries. The program would begin with 50 Master Teachers, one for each state, and would expand to 10,000 members over the next four years.

According to the President, “If America is going to compete for the jobs and industries of tomorrow, we need to make sure our children are getting the best education possible. Teachers matter, and great teachers deserve our support.”

At the same time, President Obama announced the immediate dedication of approximately $100 million of the existing Teacher Incentive Fund to help districts implement plans to establish career ladders for highly effective STEM teachers. Over 30 districts across America have already signaled their intention to become involved in the program.

via Education Votes.


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