Teachers Must Educate Their Legislators « Diane Ravitch’s blog

24 Jul

A reader in Wisconsin has an excellent suggestion. What do teachers do best? They educate. Time to educate your legislators:

I just passed this information along to my state representative here in Wisconsin. She’s a Republican who leans to the choice, accountability, measuring aspects of school…not to mention voted to end collective bargaining with Scott Walker’s Act 10. Instead of writing her off as the enemy, I’ve instead developed a working relationship with her where we’ve exchanged ideas and she is working with me to try to bring about some change in Wisconsin’s education reform movement which is pretty typical of the reform movement in other parts of the country. I would highly recommend to the readers of your blog to do the same, especially if their state legislators are advocates of the Neo-Reform movement. After all we are teachers, and it is the difficult ones that we should be trying the hardest to reach and to help them discover for themselves knowledge and enlightenment. Also, I recently gave her a copy of the “Death and LIfe of the Great American School System” and assigned homework to read pages 1-14 in one week (2 pages per day). Also, I told her there would be an assessment. I’m going to let her choose between a multiple choice test I will offer to design that will require her to recall facts, information, dates, names, policies, etc…or an assessment we will make together consisting of dialogue, maybe answers to questions we ask of one another, perhaps questions to which we have no answers but lead to other questions, etc,,,you know, the good stuff. If anyone is interested, I’ll keep you posted through this blog if that’s OK with you Dr. Ravitch. LIkewise I’d like to hear if anyone tries out my suggestion.

via Teachers Must Educate Their Legislators « Diane Ravitch’s blog.


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