State pension reform agreements may not happen

6 Aug

SPRINGFIELD- While Gov. Pat Quinn hopes lawmakers can come to an agreement on reforming the state’s public pension systems, Republicans aren’t sure it will happen.

Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) says legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle agree that all five pension systems should be reformed, but says an impasse remains on funding teacher retirement. Radogno is against shifting the cost of Downstate and suburban teacher pensions from the state to school districts because she says it isn’t a real cost saving.

“It doesn’t save money. It just changes who pays,” Radogno said of the governor’s plan.

The governor says Radogno is missing the point. “I think [the cost shift] is good principle,” Quinn said. “I think it makes sure everybody on the front line who’s negotiating contracts doesn’t think they can negotiate a big ol’ contract to pass the burden on to taxpayers somewhere else.”

Radogno says the impending Special Session should spur pension reform talks.

“Having the 17th looming I think will spur further discussion and that’s a good thing because we haven’t had a lot of discussions in the last five weeks,” Radogno said.

via State pension reform agreements may not happen.


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