Voters oppose pension cuts > IEA Insider

22 Aug

A new scientific statewide poll of 600 voters, commissioned by IEA, shows that, despite years of hostile editorials, a well-funded public relations campaign and the non-stop efforts of anti-union “think tanks” to turn the public against education employees, more than two-thirds of Illinois voters (68 percent) believe that teachers should receive their pensions as they were promised, even when pressed about the state’s budget problems.

The percentage siding with teachers receiving their full pensions increases (71 percent) when voters learn that teachers are ineligible for Social Security and rises higher still (to 75 percent) when they hear that Springfield politicians failed to put money into the pension systems and spent it on their own priorities instead.

In an opinion column sent to newspapers statewide, IEA President Cinda Klickna said the data show that the public understands that education employees are being reasonable when they argue that public employees should not be made to bear sole responsibility for fixing the pension mess. Klickna urged Gov. Quinn and legislative leaders to work with the unions, using the framework unveiled by the We Are One Illinois coalition for resolving the pension crisis. (Read the complete column here.)

SIDENOTE: Rich Miller of Capitol Fax has done two postings based on the polling. One is about how voters feel about letting educators keep their pensions and the other about how voters feel about funding pensions.


One Response to “Voters oppose pension cuts > IEA Insider”

  1. Dave Whelan (@ifafinder) August 27, 2012 at 8:15 am #

    Teachers do deserve their pensions, but they do have to contribute more to help sort the mess. Even though they are not solely responsible for it.

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