Why I stand with fellow teachers – Chicago Sun-Times

16 Sep

1. I am fighting for schools in which politicians do not decide what is best for the children of Chicago; but where teachers and administrators have the power to make decisions specific to the needs of the students in front of them. It is when politicians began making sweeping and all-encompassing decisions that schools began to fail. Not every school and student has the same needs as another. CPS has tied the hands of administrators trying to make improvements by limiting their funding and access to resources. Some administrators have found ways to supplement what the district provides.

2. I am fighting for schools in which resources are available before the first day of school. I have a classroom of 35 students in which 30 of their desks have seats that are cracked down the middle. The textbooks I am using are falling apart and, in some instances, older than the students I teach. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years of my own money for resources to supplement the materials I am provided. I have taught lab courses on desks and folding tables due to a lack of actual lab tables. Most schools are incapable of providing enough Internet band-width for a class of students to research current issues. Yet, schools are making the effort on their own to bring classrooms into the 21st century in terms of technology and lab classrooms by seeking grants, gifts and alumni donations. More…

via Why I stand with fellow teachers – Chicago Sun-Times.


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