Paul Ryan Staff Emails Show Sensitivity To Stimulus Hypocrisy

27 Oct

In late September 2011, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s office notified Rep. Paul Ryan’s office with some good news. The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs had awarded a grant to a Wisconsin veteran’s home to help renovate its water distribution system. Walker’s office just needed Ryan’s people to sign off on the press release. But what started out as a routine matter quickly turned into a minor panic among aides to the two Republicans.

Wendy Riemann, Walker’s director of federal relations, sent an email to Ryan’s communications director, Kevin Seifert, asking for a quote from the congressman.

“Not sure if you’re doing your own release, etc.,” Riemann emailed on Sept. 26. “Let me know — we’ll wait to hear from you either way before putting it out.”

Seifert replied with a simple message: Stop the presses. He had one concern. Could the grant be tied to federal stimulus funds? More…

via Paul Ryan Staff Emails Show Sensitivity To Stimulus Hypocrisy.


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