A message from IEA President Cinda Klickna – Pension Rallies

3 Dec


The first rallies in support of pension preservation for 2013 will take place on Jan. 3-4 (Thursday and Friday) at the Statehouse in Springfield and will be sponsored by the We Are One Illinois labor coalition


While many IEA members will be in school, we know that a significant number of members still will be on winter break at that time. We’re hoping to get as many members as possible to come to Springfield on one or both of those dates.


The rallies will take place during “lame duck” legislative session days. That’s when the current members of the legislature are about to end their terms. Some of them will be returning in the spring but others were voted out of office or are retiring and might be willing to cast votes they previously would not have cast, had they been facing a future election.


Rallies like those planned for January are intended to demonstrate to the legislators that the voters back home care enough about an issue to come to Springfield and demonstrate. Rallies can be especially effective when coupled with a Statehouse meeting with the legislator, before or after the rally.


Details are still being ironed out, but we know that:

  • IEA and IFT and the other coalition unions will be sending people to the rallies on Jan. 3 and 4.  Members who are still on winter break, as well as IEA retirees, are urged to attend. The goal: Fill one bus from every region. IEA will pay for the bus.
    • IEA will not be able to reimburse members who use their own means of transportation to get to Springfield.
  • There will be We Are One Illinois rallies in the Statehouse rotunda on both days.
  • IEA members are encouraged to wear blue. We are looking into providing IEA T-shirts to attendees.

More information on buses, T-shirts and more will be coming soon. For now, please save the dates, Jan. 3-4,  check the IEA website regularly for updates because there will be many rumors between now and the rally about what might happen with pension reform. Make sure that IEA has your home (not school) email address so we can quickly alert you to new developments because this is all very fluid. Be sure to check the email account you give us!


Thank you for your support and for all you’re doing for IEA and the students we serve.


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