Will new state pension plan find support? – DailyHerald.com

5 Dec

SPRINGFIELD — State Rep. Elaine Nekritz Wednesday introduced a new plan to cut the state’s escalating pension costs as a starting point for further negotiations and showed concern for the ticking clock winding down on lawmakers’ current terms.

The plan would cut teachers’ retirement benefits and move future pension costs to local schools and was presented as a bipartisan step on an issue plagued by gridlock.

Support builds for shifting costs to schools in new pension plan Lawmakers back, but pensions probably not on the table this week Suburban mayors might have to wait for pension relief Pension cuts could boost state’s Social Security costs Former attorney general Fahner calls pension mess “unfixable” Lame duck legislature could hatch gambling, pension deals

“It will continue to be negotiated and refined over the next month,” said Nekritz, a Northbrook Democrat.

However, as GOP lawmakers like state Reps. Chris Nybo of Elmhurst and David Harris of Arlington Heights signed on, one of the party’s top leaders on the issue has not. More…

via Will new state pension plan find support? – DailyHerald.com.


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