Alan Singer: Pearson Rakes in the Profit Update

30 Mar

A financial analysis for 2012 of the British-based publishing giant Pearson is available online at It tells a very interesting, if frightening story that needs to be more widely circulated in the United States, especially among parents, teachers, and educational policy makers. Something consistently missing in a report that emphasizes growth and profit is students and whether Pearson’s high tech snake oil actually promotes student learning. Pearson is a money making machine, but is this education?

The headline summarizes the multi-page post. “Pearson accelerates global education strategy: Restructuring and investment in digital, services and emerging markets for faster growth, larger market opportunity and greater impact on learning outcomes.”

It is followed by “Financial highlights.” Sales were up 5 percent in 2012 to £6.1 billion or $9.21 billion, with “digital and services businesses contributing 50% of sales.” Operating profit in 2012 was £936 million or $1.4 billion. More…

via Alan Singer: Pearson Rakes in the Profit Update.


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