Cullerton: Union proposal “credible”, “constitutional” – Illinois Education Association

1 May

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton D-Chicago said Wednesday that he’s received a “credible” and “constitutional” proposal from the union coalition that has been working to reach an agreement on the pension issue.

Here is Cullerton’s complete statement:

Today, I concluded a series of meetings with representatives of teachers, nurses, police officers, and other public employees. This coalition of labor leaders offered a credible and constitutional plan for consideration. Because inaction is not an option, I believe that it is appropriate to begin discussing this plan with the members of my caucus and with the Speaker of the House. It’s important that we advance a credible solution to our pension problems.

Cullerton’s statement came a few hours after Speaker Madigan presented his own pension legislation to the House Personnel and Pensions Committee.

The labor coalition, which includes IEA, IFT, AFSCME, SEIU and other public employee unions, called Madigan’s legislation, which is an amendment to Senate Bill 1, “unconstitutional.”

The Speaker’s bill was passed out of the committee on a 9-1 vote. Madigan has said he expects to call his legislation for a full House vote on Thursday.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the labor coalition issued its own statement:

“Our coalition has consistently said that we want to work together with policymakers to address Illinois’ pension funding problem. We appreciate that, over the past several weeks, Senate President John Cullerton opened up dialogue with us, and we have worked diligently with him to find common ground. Today, we presented President Cullerton with a proposal that is both fair and constitutional, and we are heartened that he has responded positively to our efforts.”

IEA members are urged to help stop the Madigan legislation. click here to call your state representative or call toll-free at 888-412-6570.

Tell your state representative to vote NO on the proposed amendment to Senate Bill 1 and to vote NO on any pension bill that has not been approved by the Illinois labor coalition.

via Cullerton: Union proposal “credible”, “constitutional” – Illinois Education Association.


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