Dennis Van Roekel on exposing ALEC’s agenda | Education Votes

8 May

The American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC has been hard at work for decades. Its members are organized, well-funded and connected–too bad they aren’t using their powers to do what’s right for students and schools.Take Action ›Make sure your networks are in the know.

Instead, they use all their resources to push an agenda to open up the public school system to vouchers and privatization, lobbying legislators to restrict everything from voting rights to workers’ rights to help pave the path to their success.

Educator Dennis Van Roekel has an assignment for you: Learn all you can about how ALEC operates, so you’ll be prepared to protect your students and neighborhood schools. A good place to start is by watching the 30-minute documentary The United States of ALEC, featuring Bill Moyers.

Van Roekel, who now represents 3 million educators as president of the National Education Association, wrote this week on the Huffington Post that there are those who see public education as a potential profit center. In fact, Van Roekel wrote, “if just one percent of K-12 education spending were diverted to private profit, it would mean $5 billion a year in someone’s pockets.”

With an incentive like that, it will take the hard work of progressive groups and public school advocates to hold back the education privateers.

Read what else Van Roekel had to say about exposing ALEC’s agenda to pilfer funds from public education at the expense of students and schools.

via Dennis Van Roekel on exposing ALEC’s agenda | Education Votes.


One Response to “Dennis Van Roekel on exposing ALEC’s agenda | Education Votes”

  1. retiredbutmissthekids May 8, 2013 at 11:55 pm #

    DUH! What took him so long? Although, we do know that–unfortunately–MANY teachers do not know about ALEC, so I’m glad that Region 28 has sent this out.
    Once everyone gets out of school, this is going to be one long, hot summer.

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