Watch how corporate influence adds up – Rootstrikers

19 May

Rootstrikers across the country are taking action today to raise awareness about how companies whose products we buy every day spend millions of dollars to influence our elections. Every item they scan will be tracked here, so you can follow along, or you can download the Biz Vizz app and do some influence tracking of your own.

Share this to help more people recognize how the corrupting influence of money in politics really adds up. More…

Collective Corporate Donations to Political Parties

This live graph shows you the influence corporations have on politics in the USA. As BizVizz app users learn about the products they are purchasing, the collective average influence of corporate donations to political parties is shown here.

Data represents the 2008-2012 spending years and is generously provided by The Sunlight Foundation

via Watch how corporate influence adds up – Rootstrikers.


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