I’m forming an exploratory committee to draft Ralph Martire for Governor. | Fred Klonsky

13 Jun

“Have you asked him?” a friend said when I suggested an exploratory committee to draft Ralph Martire for governor.

“No. But you don’t ask someone if you can draft them. That’s the opposite of drafting them.”

Ralph Martire is the Executive Director of the non-partisan Center for Tax and Budget Accountability.

If you have attended one of the many meetings that have taken place around the state concerning taxes, budgets and pensions, you would remember him. He would be the only one making sense.

And if the pension-bomber Representative Elaine Nekritz was there, he would be the one she was frowning at.

He would be speaking for tax fairness.

For a graduated income tax.

For closing corporate loop holes.

Explaining the need to tax the wealthy and spend more on the social needs of the state and its people.

Explaining how the state’s budget problems are based on insufficient revenue, not pensions.

If not Ralph, the line-up of current and possible candidates: Pat “Squeezy” Quinn, millionaire banker Bill Daley, Boss Madman’s daughter Lisa Madigan, union hater and tax-cheat Bruce Rauner, Tea Party Republican Bill Brady. And more Republicans than I have time or inclination to mention.

Bruce Rauner’s exploratory committee is made up of millionaires.

I haven’t seen Daley’s list for his recently announced committee, but I wouldn’t guess I would see anybody from among the regulars at Wirlaway Karzma (my local drinking establishment.

To be a member of the Draft Ralph Exploratory Committee doesn’t require you to be a millionaire.

Quite the opposite.

It just requires you to post the idea on social media.

via I’m forming an exploratory committee to draft Ralph Martire for Governor. | Fred Klonsky.

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