Illinois pension Mad Lib: Choose your own fear-inspiring adjectives

18 Jun

The pension crisis in Illinois is dire. Politicians routinely use strong language when they talk about it. Consider the following:

“We all look like idiots.” – Rep. Daniel Biss, D-Skokie.

“Finances in the state of Illinois are a train wreck.” – Dick Ingram of the Teachers Retirement System

“It’s a catastrophic failure of leadership.” – Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, R-Lemont

“The pension squeeze is draining our ability to teach our students. Our children are being shortchanged.” – Gov. Pat Quinn

“We are in a crisis. Everyone has to step up to the plate.” – Bill Daley

And it’s nothing new. Back in 1949, the Illinois State Employees Pension Laws Commission warned about “the tremendous, ever-increasing and disproportionate liabilities being imposed upon present and future generations of taxpayers.”

Now lawmakers are back in a special legislative session for the summer to try to agree on a plan.

All this talk has us wondering: Are there any adjectives left we can use to describe how bad this pension situation is that we aren’t already desensitized to? Any fear-inspiring idioms or cliches left out?

That’s where you come in. Fill out the Mad Lib-inspired form below to tell us how you’re feeling about the Illinois pension crisis. We’ll do a dramatic reading of some of your responses on-air. Click here for Mad Lib form

via Illinois pension Mad Lib: Choose your own fear-inspiring adjectives.

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