Warning to New Teachers in Houston ISD L Eckert-A Tribute to Texas

19 Jun

Good morning to all!

Read this email from my union rep. This morning we also received an email that states the principals are being told they are not firing enough teachers.

This is the sick process education reform has created in big city districts. They just churn through teachers, especially new ones, as fast as they can with no regard to the person’s life, skill set, or qualifications. The harm they do to the students by destabilizing their neighborhood schools cannot be measured. They don’t care if you are a blazing success in the classroom; your teaching certificate is basically meaningless to the administration.

If you are a TFA recruit, you don’t even need to teach in your subject area, much less study for a certificate. You will get treated like royalty even though you only receive five weeks of training and never studied in the subject area you are selected to teach.

Last year a TFA recruit told me he was a political science major from Georgetown, and he had been assigned to teach “Applied Science.” He asked me in the hall, “What is applied science anyway?”

In my case:

Chief of High Schools Orlando Riddick: brand new to the job

School Support Officer SSO or SIO Xochitl Davila otherwise known as regional superintendent: brand new to the job—Michelle Rhee wannabe—previously served at Lee HS as principal

Principal: 28 years old with no experience, and she comes from the lowest performing charter school in the state of Texas Amber Wilson/Williams Hope Academy–I believe it is a White Hat Management entity

Dept head: 26 year old TFA recruit with no subject area degree communications and no experience Britney Maloney Handpicked by Davila

In the student’s mind, a standard classroom teacher is a disposable throwaway. They see no reason to follow the rules, do their homework, or take the exams seriously. They know the teacher will probably get fired, possibly in the middle of the year. They have no respect for their teacher, and no reason to believe their teacher has any ability to discipline or instruct.This is the message inner city students have been receiving for over a decade.

This is the message reformers convey to the students, the parents, and the taxpayer.

At new teacher orientation you are led to believe something much different; at the job fair, and in the media, you are told that working for HISD is wonderful, with a fair evaluation system, great pay, and fabulous bonuses.

Working at HISD is the biggest mistake I have ever made.I was warned about education reform.

I was told not to do this, and I didn’t listen. More…

via Warning to New Teachers in Houston ISD L Eckert-A Tribute to Texas.


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