Pension “Committee of Ten” meets tomorrow in Chicago. Come on down. | Fred Klonsky

26 Jun

After Governor Squeezy’s failed attempt at forcing a pension bill out of the legislature a few weeks ago, The Madman and Senate President Cullerton set up a Committee of Ten to try and reach a compromise between the House’s horrible SB1 and the Senate’s SB24o4. SB2404 was the bill that while supported by the We Are One coalition of state public employee unions.

By most accounts and predictions, nobody really expects SB1, or anything like it, it survive a court challenge.

There is less certainty about SB2404. But SB2404 no longer looks like it has a future life. Not because I opposed it, Lord knows. But because The Madman, out of his own political self-interest, wouldn’t let it come to a vote in the House.

The concern is that any compromise coming from this Committee – a Committee heavy with pension bombers – may still look a lot like SB1.

Tomorrow, Thursday, the Committee of Ten will meet in open session.

It is legislative committee that is charged with developing a pension proposal capable of passing both the Illinois House and Senate.

I plan to attend, along with other active and retired teachers. This is a public meeting. I do not think they will take public testimony. But a large presence of active and retired teachers will be a strong statement.

The Committee of Ten will meet at 11AM in room C-600, at the State of Illinois’ Bilandic Building, located at 160 North LaSalle Street, across from the Thompson Center. It is very convenient to the Blue, Pink, Orange and Green lines of the CTA and a short walk from the Red and Brown lines.

I have been told that the room is not large, so if you are planning to join me, you should plan to arrive a little early.

Please circulate this information to your colleagues and encourage any who can attend to do so.

via Pension “Committee of Ten” meets tomorrow in Chicago. Come on down. | Fred Klonsky.


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