“Who the hell do you think you are?” | Reclaim Reform

16 Jul

Imagine paying into an annuity for thirty-five years with an agreed upon payout of a monthly check at retirement. Now imagine an insurance/annuity company getting total strangers, from all over a state, on the next block to hundreds of miles away, to assess how much you should really be paid.

After all, you’re old. You don’t need much. You don’t need to buy expensive fresh vegetables when your belly would be just as full with a Big Mac. What do you want to do, live forever?

Your house should be paid for, and your kids should be able to buy you new Pay-For-Less shoes once a year, maybe at Christmas or your birthday. If your house isn’t paid for, it should have been. Since you just sit in front of your TV all day, why would you need shoes more often?

Blood pressure pills? Why waste the money? Do you want to drag out the suffering of strokes and heart attacks and diabetes and all that other stuff? Don’t you believe in the power of prayer?

The cost of living increases are not really significant. After all, you’ve had all those years of hoarding stuff to keep in your basement and garage. Use what you already have. Besides, COLAs are so 20th Century. Forget about it. You paid into the annuity, chump, suck it up! More…

via “Who the hell do you think you are?” | Reclaim Reform.


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