Red Alert! This is what’s happening in Ohio…it could happen any where

13 Aug
The Fairborn Board of Education unanimously voted to repudiate the collective bargaining agreement with the FEA/FCEA that was set to expire on June 30, 2013. Repudiation is a refusal to pay a lawful debt; or an act, intention or threat of disowning or rejection of, an agreement already accepted and agreed to. Repudiation of a contract has never been attempted by a Board of Education in the state of Ohio. The Fairborn BoE repudiated the contract even when both FEA and FCEA were making concessions to salary, insurance, and class size. Bargaining was still in progress. The idea of repudiation was presented to the Yellow Springs Board, but they declined to follow that path.

This course of action could result in Fairborn City Schools operating under Ohio Statutory Law. If this is allowed to occur the state minimum teacher salary will go into effect and many benefits would be decreased automatically. This will happen if negotiations between the Fairborn Education Association and the Fairborn Board of Education break down and do not continue. Currently, the Fairborn B.o.E. is asking for the teachers to accept unlimited class sizes, to have no evaluation language in the contract, increase insurance contribution percentage and accept severely lowered health benefits.

It should be strongly noted by every teacher union in the state of Ohio that repudiation could be attempted by their Board of Education IF the Fairborn BoE is able to successfully win all grievances and injunctions set against it.

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