South Side school hustles kids, staff out door after recent nearby gun violence – Chicago Sun-Times

13 Sep

A welcoming school that isn’t so welcoming…a safe passage that isn’t so safe. Teachers and students have been directed to leave school immediately at dismissal due to violence in the neighborhood. Rahm will be dedicating a new playground and turf field at the school today. Who will be using them in this unsafe neighborhood?

One of the welcoming schools that took in students after Chicago Public Schools closed a record number of schools has been hustling students and staff out the door at the end of the day in response to recent gun violence nearby.

Dulles School of Excellence, 6311 S. Calumet Ave., has told staffers in a memo and in announcements to clear the building and parking lot immediately after school is dismissed at 3:30 p.m. Teachers were told to exit with their students and leave the school.

“For safety reasons, PLEASE ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES” reads one memo handed out on Sept. 6. “Inthe event that students are not picked up at 3:30, please bring the child and current phone number to the office. Staff members will not be permitted back into the building except to bring late students to office for phone calls.”

On Friday morning, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is expected to cut the ribbon on the school’s new playground and turf field. The improvements were received as one of about 50 CPS schools that took in children from 47 elementary schools and a high school program that closed in June.

Dulles also has a Safe Passage program — designated paths for children to follow to school. Before and after school, police officers and yellow-vested community workers line the Safe Passage route. More…

via South Side school hustles kids, staff out door after recent nearby gun violence – Chicago Sun-Times.


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