IEA president responds to Rauner’s outrageous comments – Illinois Education Association

9 Jan

January 9, 2014 – Springfield, IL – Billionaire gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner made inflammatory allegations today, accusing Illinois working families of bribing politicians.

Rauner, who has made pay-to-play donations to politicians across the country to the tune of millions of dollars, made the claim today on WGN-AM radio. Rauner’s slanderous statements come just weeks after Illinois workers saw their life savings slashed by the very politicians Rauner claims they are bribing.

Rauner’s charges are even more insulting given that Rauner has personally made millions of dollars in private investment fees servicing the same pensions he attacks as being “outrageous.”

“It is clear that Bruce Rauner will say anything to get what he wants and that includes accusing Illinois teachers of criminal activity,” said Cinda Klickna, president of the Illinois Education Association. “Not only are Bruce Rauner’s comments today wildly inaccurate, it is becoming very apparent that everything about his carefully-crafted campaign persona is nothing more than a sham.”

“I think Mr. Rauner needs to re-read the definition of ‘outrageous.’ What’s outrageous is not a teacher’s salary. What’s outrageous is a man who made his fortune off of pay-to-play politics and off of the very pensions he’s dead-set on attacking. The same man who made $53 million last year, yet thinks an $8 an hour minimum wage is too much to pay childcare workers, emergency medical technicians and other hard-working individuals who are playing by the rules,” Klickna added.

Rauner’s full statement in which he said that “the government union bosses are bribing politicians to give them unaffordable pensions, free healthcare, and outrageous pay and benefits…” can be found here:

via IEA president responds to Rauner’s outrageous comments – Illinois Education Association.


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