Finke: Bruce Rauner produces a taxing sound bite – News – Journal Star – Peoria, IL

8 Sep

Is this one of those lines that can come back to haunt a candidate?

Last week, Republican Bruce Rauner and Gov. Pat Quinn both appeared at a forum in Chicago, although it wasn’t a debate in the sense they were both on the stage at the same time. During Rauner’s turn the discussion turned to taxes and his proposal to put a sales tax in place on some services that aren’t now taxed. Rauner also wants to roll back the income tax hike and freeze property taxes.

While addressing those tax issues, Rauner said, “We shouldn’t tax investment and income; we should tax consumption.”

That’s an interesting comment from someone who makes his money off of investments and who made $53 million in 2012. Taxing consumption is a sales tax, and that’s generally viewed as a regressive form of taxation. You pay the same rate whether you are rich or poor.

Of course, Quinn pounced when it was his turn saying a consumption tax hurts working people.

It just seems like Rauner’s line could end up as the centerpiece for another ad about how he’s an out-of-touch rich guy.

via Finke: Bruce Rauner produces a taxing sound bite – News – Journal Star – Peoria, IL.

One Response to “Finke: Bruce Rauner produces a taxing sound bite – News – Journal Star – Peoria, IL”

  1. Nancy Sterk October 30, 2014 at 9:41 pm #

    I feel as an American Citizen that we are ALL sick and tired of these RICH low-life politicians, running our lives for us, sitting on their yachts, smokin a cigar, justifying that taxes should be raised, while they pay NONE. All their money is in invested in off shore accounts, none of them pay taxes, while we struggle to make ends meet. Hey Bruce, why don’t we switch roles for a year. I live on disability, you know, the payment you want to make me pay taxes on. That is called, “being taxed without representation”. You never asked me for my vote on this? In fact none of you ever do? I feel our government should be Abolished! It is our constitutional right to do so! We have got to just stop being cattle, being “herded/pushed” around, we do have a Voice in what goes. This is what this country was founded on! I just recently saw “Twelve Years A Slave”. I was appalled at the dispicable way men, women & children were treated, just because of the color of their skin. I have been discriminated against also because I have a seizure condition. I can’t hold a job, they Always find a reason to get rid of me. Well, thankfully, the Black men& Women of this country, along with the White man that had a conscience, are treated as they should be, like a human being! I realize, discrimination still exists, let us all continue to work together to end this and all human trafficking. My point is, No Rich Elected Official has a right to make HARDER on us. They are elected to Represent us, for Our best interest, not THEIRS! If they don’t do their jobs,THEIR OUT!

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