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18 Sep

As you’ll recall, Channel 5’s Mary Ann Ahern asked Bruce Rauner about the NFL domestic violence scandals yesterday. Last night, she reported this…

The Rauner team was not happy with today’s questions on the NFL and said we should have submitted them ahead of time.

The Rauner campaign flat-out denies anybody told her that. Ahern firmly stood by her story this morning. She also denied, and deemed it personally insulting, that anyone would claim her NFL questions were planted by the Quinnsters.

* The first-time candidate might be dismayed at the way he’s being treated by the city’s media, but it’s merely his turn in the barrel. The governor has served his time in said barrel quite often and will be back in there very soon.

And it’s only gonna get worse. Much worse.

* And while the governor’s campaign talked to me about the NFL abuse issue and Rauner’s Steelers ownership two nights ago, Chicago reporters can always smell a good local angle on a hot national story, and the NFL abuse scandal is the hottest thing going right now. Rauner, as a part-owner of an NFL team, gave them the perfect local angle.

 Republican candidate Bruce Rauner called a news conference to talk about ethics but as a partial owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was asked what he thought of the way the NFL handled recent domestic violence incidents including former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancé. He sidestepped.

Why Rauner wasn’t prepared to answer that question is just beyond me. He could’ve turned it into a huge positive. Instead, he whiffed.

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One Response to “Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar » Welcome to the NFL, rookie”

  1. Glen Brown September 19, 2014 at 3:01 pm #

    Keeping with the NFL metaphor: Rauner would have whiffed if he owned a baseball team. In this case, he fumbled the football.

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