Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar » The long game on unions has come to Illinois

6 Feb

* The governor does have a clever retort

After Gov. Bruce Rauner’s speech [in Mt. Vernon] on Thursday, where he called for improving the state’s business climate, several people began a loud chant, yelling in repetition “union buster” towards the governor as he exited.

During the brief speech inside the Holiday Inn, Rauner said people have been suggesting, based on recent policy statements, that he “hates unions.”

“I don’t hate unions,” he said. “Join a union. Don’t join a union. It’s all good with me.” […]

The governor said his grandfather was a “big union guy”, and he believes one “should be free to join one or not.”

“Why should you be forced to join a union?” he said. “Join if you want to. God bless you. That’s what America’s about – freedom to choose.”

* Indeed, the governor’s response has been poll-tested here by the Illinois Policy Institute

The August, 2014 poll of 739 Illinoisans had a margin of error of ±3.6 percent.

And when you put it that way, of course people are gonna support the idea. Freedom to choose is, indeed, the American way. But that’s not what this issue is about. Instead, it’s about allowing people in union shops to get all the benefits of union representation without having to pay any dues to their representatives. And then, ultimately, to bankrupt the unions and drive down everyone’s wages.

* A 2013 article published by the Illinois Policy Institute’s site stresses the long-term nature of this fight, using Michigan’s success as an example of a hard-fought, decades-long battleMore…

via Capitol – Your Illinois News Radar » The long game on unions has come to Illinois.


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