Southside St. Pat’s parade watchers boo right-to-work governor – Illinois Review

16 Mar


BEVERLY, IL – Chicago’s near south side neighborhoods are home to thousands of firefighters, police and city workers – both family- and union-loyal. Republican Bruce Rauner, who launched his first year as Illinois’ governor with a right-to-work zone effort visited the neighborhood Sunday by walking in its annual St. Patrick’s Day parade/block party.

The Southsiders – reputed to be brutally blunt and proud of being home to longtime House Speaker Mike Madigan – expressed their dissatisfaction with the governor’s agenda by booing when Rauner passed by. The Sun-Times reports:

Rauner, who has made creation of union-weakening “right to work” zones in specific parts of the state a priority in his first few months in office, waved with a smile as people standing on the curb shouted, “No right to work!” and “You’re no good!”

At one point, Rauner picked up the pace to a jog — and yells of “Keep running!” followed.

Despite union-backed protests around the state and at the Capitol, Rauner told Downstate Democrats last week if his ideas were fully implemented, Illinois would be union-free in four years.

“Actions speak louder than words. His actions have indicated that he’s not pro-union,” [State Senator John] Sullivan [of Quincy] said. “I came away from the meeting believing that he believes in what he’s saying.”

Added [State Senator Andy] Manar, “I wasn’t surprised by that part of our discussion. He’s been very blunt about this.”


via Southside St. Pat’s parade watchers boo right-to-work governor – Illinois Review.


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