Under fire, Democrat lawmakers file legislation to stop own pay hike

28 Jul

House Speaker Mike Madigan, D-Chicago, filed legislation on Tuesday that would prohibit lawmakers from getting a scheduled pay hike.

The move comes as Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner rallies against the pay increase as the budget impasse reaches it’s nearly one-month mark.

The legislation filed Tuesday would stop lawmakers’ getting their automatic cost-of-living increase that would boost their salaries 2 percent — or nearly $1,400 in addition to their $68,000 base legislative salary.

Republicans have attempted to pass such legislation.

On Twitter Tuesday, Rep. Ron Sandack, R- Downers Grove, said: “House Reps tried for TWO weeks to advance our bill to suspend the Dems’ COLA raise. My, how things change, yes? #Duh”

And Rauner’s spokesman, Lance Trover, said in a statement, “As we approach the end of the month, Speaker Madigan and the politicians he controls have one final chance to side with Republicans and make a clean up or down vote on stopping themselves from getting an automatic pay increase.”

Madigan previously would not comment on the raises. But last week he told reporters the pay raise wasn’t in his spending plan.

“We did not appropriate for the pay raise or the COLA adjustment,” Madigan said.

Democratic leaders and the governor have been unable to come up with a spending plan for the new fiscal year, which began July 1.

via Under fire, Democrat lawmakers file legislation to stop own pay hike.

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