Illinois legislative hearing on edTPA tomorrow. Send a witness slip. Say no. | Fred Klonsky

9 Nov

An Illinois House committee has scheduled a hearing on edTPA for 10:30 tomorrow morning.I have been writing on the problems with edTPA all through this past summer and into the Fall.All the posts can be found here.edTPA will become the way teachers in Illinois will be certified and licensed.Rather than emphasizing the practicum and student teaching component, those wishing to become teachers will be evaluated by an outside evaluator, one who never meets the student or cooperating teacher or who knows the classroom, the students, the community or the school. The certification will be based on a one-size-fits-all rubric and a video-tape. And it will cost $300 with the money going to the private for-profit education monopoly, Pearson.This morning Jim Broadway writes: All this for a job that’s never been paid comparably with private sector jobs demanding similar skill levels and imposing similar levels of responsibility, that now lacks the job-security component formerly enjoyed by those who survived a four-year probation period (tenure), a job whose once-comforting promise of economic security in retirement has been conspicuously eroded and remains in dire jeopardy today. Good luck with that. This experiment has future findings of unintended consequences all over it.Yet aside from that it is just plain bad practice. More…

Source: Illinois legislative hearing on edTPA tomorrow. Send a witness slip. Say no. | Fred Klonsky


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