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Tell Your Legislators to Open Schools on Time!

28 Jun

Use this link to email your legislators now:

Contact Your Legislators Now!

On Wednesday, the Illinois General Assembly will consider legislation that, if passed into law, will ensure that all public schools will be able to open on schedule in the 2016-17 school year.

IEA members statewide should contact their senators and representatives and tell them to pass SB2054, the education funding bill and SB 2056, the appropriation bill for colleges and universities.

  • SB2054 will increase General State Aid for education by more than $760 million, and provide an additional $75 million in early childhood education funding. Just as important, passing SB2054 will ensure that PreK-12 schools will open on schedule in the next fiscal year.
  • SB2056 authorizes $1 billion for higher education, allowing financially starved colleges and universities to get from 82 to 90 percent of the current year’s funding. In addition, SB2056 will fully fund MAP grants for the current fiscal year.

The first step toward getting our state back on track is to pass the education funding bills, SB2054 and SB2056.

Use this link to email your legislators now:

Contact Your Legislators Now!

Please share this email with all your colleagues and friends.


IEA SB1673 Fact Sheet

31 May


Make the call NOW to stop pension cuts – Illinois Education Association

22 May

IEA members and the “We Are One” coalition partners have turned up the heat on politicians who want to cut hard-earned and constitutionally protected pensions for public employees.

From east to west, southern Illinois to the suburbs, IEA members last week rallied, telephoned, picketed, wrote letters, sent e-mails and confronted elected officials who had sought to pass fast track legislation and cut pensions before IEA members and other public servants could mobilize. Continue reading

Message from President Klickna

16 Apr


The Gatehouse Newspapers around the state are running a story <> on the recent meeting Gov. Quinn’s workgroup had with members of the labor coalition that includes, IEA, IFT, AFSCME, etc.

The article is mostly accurate, however, it should be noted that the members of the coalition did not consider what was verbally outlined by the workgroup as a “proposal”, since it was not in writing and, in fact, was characterized by the workgroup members as a “framework.”

To be clear, we don’t consider any proposal to have been made, and, obviously, nothing has been agreed to.

Also, there was no discussion of cost-shifting during this meeting.

The article accurately states that the coalition insists that any proposal must be constitutional in order to receive consideration from the unions. Please keep this in mind in the days and weeks ahead. We will not consider proposals that are not constitutional.

For more on our position, please see the recent pension update: 4-12-12 IEA President’s Statement

Graduated Income Tax – Illinois Education Association

6 Mar

Because of the current “flat-rate income tax” in Illinois, poor and middle income taxpayers pay a greater percentage of the tax burden than the wealthy.The IEA is advocating for a Graduated Income Tax that will more fairly spread the tax burden and provide the state with adequate resources to pay its debt and serve its citizens.

via Graduated Income Tax – Illinois Education Association.

Bullying: What Every Educator Should Know and Do

6 Feb

A live online webinar on Thursday, February 23rd, 6PM – 8PM EST

A Webinar Sponsored by Drexel University Online

Earn 2 CE credits for attending!

Most successful educators understand that their role as a teacher in their students’ lives doesn’t end with grading papers. In fact, the growing problem of bullying in today’s schools is present in every classroom, and is a situation that needs to be handled with care.

Dr. Charles A. Williams, Director of the Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence at Drexel University invites you to attend an upcoming webinar entitled Bullying: What Every Educator Should Know and Do on Thursday, February 23, 2012.

Sponsored by Drexel University Online, this webinar will explore bullying through four comprehensive modules:

  • Introduction to bullying: definition; recent statistics and data; discussion
    involving profiled bullying cases; influencers of bullying.
  • The bully: social and psychological profile; identifying potential bullies;
    how the bully operates.
  • The victim: social and psychological profile; identifying potential victims
    and why; potential warning signs of bullied victims.
  • Prevention: basic prevention strategies, from education and awareness
    efforts, to parent engagement, climate and social skills programs.

About Charles A. Williams, PhD:

Trained as a child and adolescent psychotherapist, “Dr. Chuck” is Assistant Clinical Professor of the School of Education and Director for the Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence at Drexel University. His current work focuses on mentoring, bullying, the achievement of minority and special needs youth, and child welfare. He has recently been called upon by senior White House staff to advise them on issues related to school violence, and is a frequent media contributor and has been featured on Fox News, CNN, truTV, MSNBC, in USA Today, the Associated Press and Christian Science Monitor.

Register Today:

Back Home Lobby Day ideas

5 Feb

Share what your local association is doing for Back Home Lobby Days.

Capitol Report for December 16, 2011

16 Dec

House Pensions Committee meets, takes no action

The House Pensions Committee met Sunday but did not take action on any legislation that impacts the retirement funds in which our members participate IMRF, SURS, TRS.

However, during the committee meeting there were discussions regarding the constitutionality of HB 3813. This is recently passed legislation that affects a number of public employee unions, including IEA and IFT, and is now on the governor’s desk. The bill prevents future officers and employees of labor organizations from participating in TRS or SURS, even if they are currently doing so but not as an officer or employee. The IEA has always opposed HB 3813 since it is a clear violation of the Illinois Constitution. The Constitution prohibits the changing of pension rights for people who are currently participating in the retirement systems. We are pleased that members of the General Assembly are finally discussing the constitutionality issue regarding changing pension benefits. Statements made during Sunday’s pension meeting affirmed the constitutional problems that this type of legislation will run into if it becomes law.

– State Journal-Register 12/11/11Transportation funding

The General Assembly failed to take action on restoring any transportation funding for public schools. As a result, there continues to be a significant shortfall from the ISBE-recommended $347 million. The governor’s veto has resulted in an $89 million shortfall. In 2012, we can expect serious discussions about alternate funding formulas for transportation.

What’s next

Thank you for all of your hard work this year during the spring and veto legislative sessions. Your continuous lobbying efforts through phone calls and emails paid off. We will be encouraging you to continue your back home lobbying efforts after the holiday break and will provide you with more information soon. Please have a restful and wonderful holiday season.

via Capitol Report for December 16, 2011.

Status Report on SB 512 (pension reduction bill) – Illinois Education Association

27 Nov

As the Illinois General Assembly returns to work at the statehouse on November 29, IEA President Cinda Klickna provides an update on Senate Bill 512, the proposal that would cut pension benefits for active (hired before 1-1-11) IEA member participants in SURS and TRS. President Klickna reports that it appears the backers of the bill lack the support needed to go forward at this time, therefore no vote on SB 512 is expected before the spring 2012 session. However, IEA lobbyists and leaders are keeping a close eye on the legislature and will sound an alert if anything changes.


via Status Report on SB 512 (pension reduction bill) – Illinois Education Association.

Status Report on SB 512 (pension reduction bill) from IEANEA on Vimeo.

Lt. Gov. wants your education improvement suggestions – Illinois Education Association

25 Nov

If you have ideas on what can be done to improve public education, Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon wants to hear from you.

Simon’s “Classrooms First” commission is taking input via an online survey that is available to anyone with ideas for cutting costs or improving efficiency. The deadline for the survey is December 2nd.

Take the survey and share your ideas.

via Lt. Gov. wants your education improvement suggestions – Illinois Education Association.

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