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Message from President Klickna

16 Apr


The Gatehouse Newspapers around the state are running a story <http://www.galesburg.com/news/news_state/x1726856227/Pension-working-group-recommends-lower-benefits-higher-worker-contributions> on the recent meeting Gov. Quinn’s workgroup had with members of the labor coalition that includes, IEA, IFT, AFSCME, etc.

The article is mostly accurate, however, it should be noted that the members of the coalition did not consider what was verbally outlined by the workgroup as a “proposal”, since it was not in writing and, in fact, was characterized by the workgroup members as a “framework.”

To be clear, we don’t consider any proposal to have been made, and, obviously, nothing has been agreed to.

Also, there was no discussion of cost-shifting during this meeting.

The article accurately states that the coalition insists that any proposal must be constitutional in order to receive consideration from the unions. Please keep this in mind in the days and weeks ahead. We will not consider proposals that are not constitutional.

For more on our position, please see the recent pension update: 4-12-12 IEA President’s Statement

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